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Code of Ethics - Italian Society of Management

Contribute to the development and dissemination of Management knowledge in every scientific field


The Italian Society of Management (hereinafter SIMA) has the general objective of contributing to the development and dissemination of Management knowledge in every scientific field, as well as to direct the related studies towards excellence with reference to research, teaching and transfer. of knowledge towards companies, consolidating a common vision of the discipline and the role of teachers.

In this perspective, it considers ethics as the backbone of its activities, committing itself to promoting shared values and norms among its members, as well as principles related to social responsibility and sustainability.

Failure to comply with these values and norms, through behaviors that are voluntarily inappropriate or caused by negligence, can constitute damage for the people directly involved, as well as for SIMA as a whole and the university and professional community connected to it.

For these reasons, SIMA publishes and disseminates this Code of Ethics (hereinafter the Code), with the aim of transmitting and consolidating the values expressed below.

General principles

Art. 1 Recipients and scope of application

The Code is aimed at all those who, in various capacities, operate within the SIMA, including external collaborators and subjects who promote its activities.

All recipients of the Code are required to maintain a dignified behavior, acting with intellectual and personal honesty.

High levels of professionalism are required in the conduct of activities related to SIMA, which know how to combine skills, personal skills and experiences, in mutual respect and in full transparency.

Art. 2 Ethical standards of reference

The ethical values and sustainability principles expressed below are to be considered as a reference guide for the initiatives promoted and actions undertaken by the recipients of this Code, as identified in art. 1.

These values and principles are inspired by: the basic principles of the Italian Constitution; the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union; the Principles for Responsible Management Training (PRME); the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact, on human rights, labor rights, the environment and anti-corruption.

Art. 3 Values and commitments

In particular, the Company and its shareholders undertake:

a) to guarantee the dignity and promotion of the individual, first of all as a person and as a member of SIMA in the exercise of their functions.

b) the prevention and condemnation of all forms of discrimination, in the protection and full recognition of differences of territorial origin, language, religion, political opinions, personal, social and economic conditions, gender, sexual orientation.

c) the enhancement and promotion of merit, as an instrument for implementing the principle of substantial equality.

d) the promotion of personal and professional integrity, with a specific commitment in the fight against all forms of corruption, in promotion

e) the protection of future generations, especially students, young entrepreneurs and researchers, with a strong commitment to develop their ability to be generators of sustainable value for businesses and society in general.

f) substantial respect for and protection of the environment.

The SIMA member, in personal research, teaching and third mission activities undertakes:

1) to carry out the activities in full respect of intellectual property and to discourage any form of plagiarism or misappropriation of the work of others.

2) to consider / value the ethical and socially responsible behavior of companies and other organizations as a significant resource in the system of market relations.

3) to provide adequate visibility to all cases and examples of socially responsible entrepreneurial behavior, put in place by companies and other organizations, as they respect the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

4) the transfer of ethical values in management activities to students of all levels.

Implementing provisions

The Company promotes the dissemination of this Code with the means it deems most suitable for this purpose.

The subjects referred to in art. 1 are required to read this Code and to observe it in all its points to adhere to the values that inspire SIMA.

They also undertake to contribute to the spiritual and material progress of SIMA and to foster mutual respect between members, professors, students and other university staff, in a spirit of service and in a community perspective.

The Company sets up a specific Committee in order to guarantee the effective implementation of the provisions contained in the Code.

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