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Mission - Italian Society of Management (SIMA)

Value proposition of the Italian Society of Management


The new economic and social formula, on which our country will base its competitiveness and well-being in the 21st century, will consolidate the central and growing role of the company and will increase the pervasiveness of management principles and logic in other organizations. The reference scenario is, and will be, the interconnected and globalized world.

It is therefore required that the contribution of business economics scholars (management) to the country be expressed on several levels and in several fields:

- in universities, training the younger generations, producing new quality knowledge and contributing to the good governance of the institution

- in the business community, offering competitive value, through applied research, and cultural value, through continuous training

- at the institutions, contributing to the good governance of the economy and territories

- to public opinion, providing scientifically sound information and ideas to allow us to read the economic reality and the challenges it brings

- in Europe and in the world, bringing to light the excellence and the value of Italian specificities.

The figure of the business economics (management) scholar of the 21st century is therefore called upon to offer a broad and pervasive contribution to the country. No one, alone, appears adequate to bear the weight of this challenge: it is necessary that they contribute to the construction of an authoritative community of peers, such as the Italian Management Society intends to be.


The Italian Society of Management represents the natural bed of business economics scholars (management) who recognize themselves in the scenario outlined above. The fundamental objective of the Society is to create the conditions for each scholar to be able to provide the country with the contribution it expects from him.


The founding values of the Italian Society of Management are:

1. Passion for exploration and creativity

2. Scientific rigor

3. Attitude to change

4. Independence of thought

5. Spirit of service

6. Recognition of merit

7. Research of the social and pragmatic value of one's scientific contribution

The Italian scholars of business economics (management) are aware of having to commit themselves to affirm their distinctive identity in the country and make known the specificity and value of the scientific contribution of which they are heralds. This condition commits the Italian Management Company to operate as an active subject for the representation (or for the development and consolidation) of the values shared by its members in the relationship with the reference stakeholders (Government, Companies, Universities, etc.) and in the sole and exclusive interest of the country.


Given the above, the objectives of the Italian Management Company can be expressed as follows:

- act, at the governmental and managerial level of the country and of the academic institutions, so that the cultural specificity of the business economy (management) is recognized, defended and valued

- demand research based on theoretical, methodological and empirical rigor, promoting flexibility, openness and innovation in approaches

- encourage bridging initiatives between the academic world and that of businesses and other organizations

- enhance the quality and innovation of teaching activities in each location

- create conditions for access to opportunities for international exchange of research, teaching and training.

The Italian Society of Management is particularly sensitive to the needs of the younger generation of scholars. The continuous renewal of academic cadres, in fact, must take place following a trajectory of internationalization, innovation and quality, which sees them engaged in a very difficult personal training path, which must be adequately supported by the community.

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