SIMA - Società Italiana di Management

19 April 2021

Handbook: Innovative Research Methods for Corporate Governance

Edward Elgar Publishing Editor: Nicola Cucari – Sapienza University of Rome, Italy; Sibel Yamak – University of Wolverhampton, UK; Salvatore Esposito De Falco – Sapienza University […]
19 April 2021

Knowledge and Trust in a Data-rich Business Environment

Sinergie Italian Journal of Management Editor: Giuseppe Bertoli, Sandro Castaldo, Paola Cillo, Gabriele Troilo, Gianmario Verona Description: This Special Issue will include high-impact documents focused on […]
8 April 2021

RTD-B researcher

University: University of Milano-Bicocca (Department of Economics, Quantitative Methods and Business Strategies - DEMS) Description: The candidate must carry out research on […]
8 April 2021

“Leveraging Intersections in Management Theory and Practice”

Journal of Management and Governance Editors: Paolo Aversa (City, University of London, United Kingdom); Cristina Bettinelli (University of Bergamo, Italy); Gabriella Levanti (University of Palermo, Italy); […]
3 March 2021

“SMEs and human entrepreneurship overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic”

Small Business / Small Business Editor: Paul Dana, MPS, Montpellier Business School, France; Mara Del Baldo, University of Urbino, Italy; Johannes Dumay, Macquarie Business School, Sydney, Australia Description: […]
3 February 2021

Behavioral Strategy: (Re-) Affirming Foundations

Management Research Review Editor: Matteo Cristofaro (University of Rome Tor Vergata); Frank Butler (The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga); Christopher Neck (Arizona State University); Satyanarayana Parayitam […]
15 January 2021

Using Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) in Quality Management

The TQM Journal Editor: Francesca Magno (University of Bergamo, Italy); Fabio Cassia (University of Verona, Italy); Christian M. Ringle (Hamburg University of Technology, TUHH, Germany, and […]
14 January 2021

Ordinary - Emlyon Business School Associates

University: Emlyon Business School Description: Emlyon Business School's Marketing and Innovation Department (led by Monica Grosso) searches its French campuses […]
13 January 2021

Debates in Business History Book Series

Palgrave Macmillan Editor: Michael Heller and Bradley Bowden Description: The Palgrave Macmillan Debates in Business History book series seeks to provide a centerpiece for the […]
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