Scuola di Metodologia e della Ricerca: Winter edition 2021 – II Edizione

Dear partner,
the success of the winter course of the SIMA SIM Research Methodology School entitled “Designing research effectively to optimize the final results” (January 2021) forced us… to do an encore!
Thanks to the availability of teachers Stefano Bresciani, Alfredo De Massis, Marta Ugolini and Daniele Dalli we have started a second edition, which will be held in the week 1-5 February 2021.
The program, the modalities and the costs of participation do not change and you can find them below.

The course will take place online through the ZOOM platform.

The initiative is mainly aimed at PhD students and research fellows who want to acquire the skills necessary to do good scientific research in Management and Marketing, or scientific research that can aspire to publication in the best national and international journals.

The course is divided into 3 full-time days as follows:
1. The construction of a research project: from the idea to the research question - with Stefano Bresciani - 1 February
2. Writing a systematic review of the literature - with Alfredo De Massis - February 3
3. Writing an empirical paper: organization, structure and reasons for rejection - with Daniele Dalli and Marta Ugolini - 5 February

The cost is 120 euros for SIM or SIMA members and 220 euros for non-members.

Places are limited to 25, and are assigned primarily to members.
To register, you must complete the attached application form and send it to

Be careful though. We already have reservations for about 50% of the new classroom.
Therefore, we ask you to advise your younger collaborators to hurry up to complete the registration.

Warmest regards

Sandro Castaldo, President SIMA
Riccardo Resciniti, President SIM
Gennaro Iasevoli, Director of the SIMA-SIM School of Methodology
Guido Bortoluzzi, co –SIMA Director for the School
Matteo De Angelis, SIMA co- Director for the School


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