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N. 8, AUGUST 2020


In this issue:



Dear Sima Members,
we know that this newsletter arrives on an atypical day of the year, when many of us are on vacation. But this has been a peculiar year, in which private and professional life mixed more than ever, a year that made us more aware of the privileges of our profession. A profession that never stops, that thrills us and stimulates us every day.
It is with this spirit that we are pleased to tell you about the activities we have carried out this year, as a communication team of SIMA, to facilitate the dissemination and sharing of information among members and with our main stakeholders.
Specifically, we worked on four tools: website, newsletter, social media and the Management Notes blog.
The website has been reorganized and updated and will be soon available in the English version.
With regard to the newsletter, we first focused on the organization and structure of the contents (in Italian and English) to ensure the highest level of dissemination and sharing of information among the members. From this issue, we have also developed a new graphic design in order to make the contents clearer and more usable. Finally, we have implemented a new content management technological structure that allows automatic updating of the sections of the site and of the newsletter. We have also created a form to make warnings from members more homogeneous and effective. You can find it here, and from now on we ask you the courtesy to use it for any communication you wish to report in the next newsletter.
Considering the social media (Facebook and LinkedIN), we have prepared an editorial plan and are working to increase the followers and the engagement rate of these tools. The SIMA Youtube channel was also opened.
With regard to the Management Notes blog we have defined a new editorial plan and an updated version will be online shortly with a reorganization of the categories and types of articles: opinions, research from the SIMA world, business cases. A Management Thesis section will also be activated in which graduates will be able to publish a summary of their thesis in co-authorship with the tutor.
We have worked to consolidate the tools useful to support the many initiatives that we intend to implement in the near future. Should you have any comments or ideas, please do not hesitate to let us know!
For us it is an honor, but also a pleasure, to be able to contribute to the growth of this community by promoting the exchange of ideas, the sharing of information and networking.
Finally, we would like to thank Adele Ferragamo, who carefully supports our work, and our President, a polite and acute guide, always present and willing to support us.
The Communication Team:
Alfonso Siano, Laura Michelini, Angelo Riviezzo and Ludovica Principato


SINERGIE-SIMA Conference 2020

We are looking forward to the Sinergie-SIMA Conference 2020
Grand Challenges: Companies and Universities working for a better society
September 7-8, 2020
Due to the Covid-19 emergence, the conference has been postponed and has gone virtual.

Additional details on the new conference format, new registration rates and extended deadlines are available on the conference website:


Strategy for a Sustainable and Responsible World
Organizers: profs. Anna Minà & Sergio Paternostro Date: October, 22, 2020, 3.00-7.00 PM - Virtual Google Meet Platform Description: Today’s business world show challenges that inescapably imply a deep dive into a new business paradigm and embraces a broader set of values, novel approaches, and renewed lens through which to pursue economic, social, environmental sustainability. Firms are summoned to develop sustainability-oriented …

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SIMA-SIM summer school

The first online edition of the SIMA SIM summer school of methodology has just concluded. What to say more about the school?

Let’s ask it to Massimiliano:
This School was really useful to me. I particularly appreciated the variety of the methodologies and of the methods discussed.
The live meetings with the lecturers were highly interactive and well complemented the videos prepared in advance by each lecturer.
Thanks to the school I had the opportunity to deepen the netnography, a qualitative method I had never considered before that could be really useful in my thesis.
I would recommend the school to anyone in the field of human and social sciences who need an introduction to the main methodologies and methods of research
Massimiliano Fissore, PhD Student, University of Parma

Let’s ask it also to Rossella:
“I highly recommend this school, especially to whom approached recently the research world. I attended both the winter and the summer schools. They helped me a lot to direct my research proposals and gave me the opportunity to compare myself with other PhD students. The lecturers adopted a very friendly approach, making easy for students to express themselves and to explain all their doubts. Finally, the school gave all of us the opportunity to collaborate to common tasks and to enlarge our network".
Rossella Sagliocco, PhD Student, Università della Campania L. Vanvitelli

And finally, read the comment by Teresa:
"Without this school I would have spent my summer hitting my head against the wall, not knowing what fish to catch!” ;-))))
Teresa Cerchiello, PhD Student, Università della Campania L. Vanvitelli

Thank you all guys!!! And see you soon for the winter school! Where? Stay tuned! Fresh news arriving soon…...
Ph.D. in Economics, Management and Statistics
Name: Ph.D. in Economics, Management and Statistics University: University of Messina Description: Public competition for the admission to the 3-year Ph.D program in Economics, Management and Statistics (, jointly organized by the University of Messina and the University of Catania. The Ph.D. program includes three curricula: 1. Economics; 2. Management; 3. Statistics. The main research areas of faculty members and …

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Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Organizers: Department of Management and Quantitative Studies (Parthenope University) and the Department of Economics (University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli). Date: 01 november 2020 Description: The PhD in Entrepreneurship and Innovation deals in a broad sense with all the processes related to the creation of new businesses and the management of innovation in existing businesses. The doctorate leverages the knowledge of the …

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Research Grant UNIMIB
University: University of Milano-Bicocca Description: The grant is part of a project supported by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MUR) under the Departments of Excellence Program. The project aims to understand the mechanisms through which the use of digital technologies during the lockdown affect the organization of office work and the decision-making process. The researcher will participate in …

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Looking forward to the Sinergie-SIMA Conference 2020
We are happy to share two articles connected to the Sinergie-SIMA Conference 2020 published on our blog:
Come le imprese possono essere protagoniste delle sfide del presente e come le nostre università possono supportare questo impegno di Marco Frey

Pharmanutra: un successo costruito sull’innovazione di Angela Feo

We invite all members to send short articles (around 4000-6000 characters) to be published in Markup and Affari&Finanza.The contributions should have the character of a scientific dissemination or opinion article. The guidelines for the submission can be requested at


Highlights from the Social Media
Discover here the Sinergie-Sima Conference 2020 video done by the Prof. Elisa Giuliani.

SIMA pages on Facebook and LinkedIn
Please note that Sima just refreshed its social media pages. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIN and share the pages among your colleagues.
Please share with us photos and/or videos of your Conferences' participation, new publications and achievements, we would love to share them in the Sima social media pages and promote your research and dissemination activity. All the photos/videos and links can be sent to Dr. Ludovica Principato (


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